Learner Analysis

D.J._Tanner_in_the_Season_5_opening_titles (1)

DJ Tanner is the oldest sister from the television sitcom Full House. Her father, Danny Tanner, raised DJ and her two younger sisters alone, but had help from Uncle Jesse and Uncle Joey. Danny works as an anchorman on the television news station in San Francisco, California.

DJ is an honor student and has always excelled in school. She dreams of going to college, particularly Stanford University. Although her younger sisters get on her nerves at times, she works hard to be a positive role model for them. DJ handles tough situations with ease, and thinks through things with a mature mind for someone her age. She enjoys music, movies, and hanging out with friends.

I would have loved to have DJ Tanner as a student in my class! She sets reachable goals for herself and works hard to achieve them. You can tell that she cares a lot about her education, and seems to be “college ready” even in junior high. I think DJ would definitely benefit from keeping a blog: a place where she can keep her thoughts and receive feedback from the blogging community; a place to make new friends that share similar opinions. She would truly learn a lot from the blog world!


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