About Me!

Hello education majors!

My name is Natalie and I’m a 23 year-old from Warren, MI. I have been studying at GVSU for a few years now, working on my Mathematics degree with an Elementary Certification. I love working with children and cannot wait to finally have a classroom of my own!

Aside from school, I love being adventurous and exploring the great outdoors. I enjoy rollerblading Kent Trails, setting up my hammock to read, or finding local food/music with friends. Grand Rapids has introduced me to the craft beer scene, so exploring breweries has become another one of my favorite pass times. Also, I absolutely love thrifting! My family and I have been searching for treasures since I was a kid; now, I direct my focus towards teaching supplies (books, pencils, bulletin borders…you name it). My attic is filled and ready to stock my future classroom!

I am an outgoing and passionate individual. I love to make people laugh and bring a smile to everyone’s face. The video below was taken this summer during a study abroad trip to Tanzania, Africa. This experience was life-changing; I learned so much about the people and the culture. I like to express myself in various ways – and dancing is one of them. Though I am not the best at dancing, I do like to try!

Natalie Dancing in Tanzania!

Growing up this day in age has truly developed my understanding of the versatile roles technology can play in the classroom. Various apps and websites for teachers and students to use really change the education system. Children are used to such technology at home, so why not bring something they are comfortable with into the classroom as well. I have made a few lessons with technology, but am excited to dive into more of the tech-world to see what else it out there for teachers!


Teaching Class 5 Science in Arusha, Tanzania! 


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