Mean: Fair-share & Balance point with Middle School students!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the information regarding a blog post about our learning focus until after we taught the lesson. However, I still would like to reflect on the experience since I learned a lot in just one hour!

As a teacher, we make mistakes. We are not perfect and cannot claim that we are. Things will happen, and we need to brush them off and continue to grow from them. Working with the students in Zeeland last week was extremely beneficial to me. I had the opportunity to watch a phenomenal woman (and her student teacher) interact with her students and teach a lesson my class helped create. Tara truly knows what she’s doing up there, inspirational for any teacher. So, simply observing how she runs her classroom is impressive. My partner and I, along with our Professor, the student teacher, and Tara, walked around to each group to help answer questions. Here was where I messed up. I told the first group to stop me to make note of the two frames of bowling, making them think the mean was 8 instead of the correct 16. My Professor approached me explaining the difference. I felt so embarrassed! I flipped through Tara’s lesson the day before, but obviously not as well as I should have. If I plan to help these students, I need to fully understand what is being taught and be ready for any questions they throw at me. Know the difference between two similar approaches. A list of anticipated questions. Not things I emphasized the first lesson, but something I will take to my teaching grave!

Overall, this first lesson went well. Some bumps along the way, but things I will make note of and improve for next time. I am excited to be back in Tara’s classroom a couple more times this semester!


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